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web programmingThese are tried and tested code that we have found to be immensely useful. In some cases, it builds upon other people's code, usually to simplify and/or focus the code more.



This is a great bit of code for adding custom configuration sections in your ASP.NET web.config file.

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Twitter Integration

For posting to Twitter, including using to shorten your URLs.

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Would you like to be able to change your web site Theme dynamically? It was a bit tricky to figure out but it's actually really easy to do.

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Do you need an easy way to setup redirects in your web.config file? This is the easy way to do it!

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Want to setup an SSL-protected directory in your site without requiring HTTPS on the entire site? This HttpModule makes it easy!

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This HttpModule emails the site administrator when the site generates a server error. Includes all the request details like cookies, query string, post data, etc. so you can debug the problem. Also has functionality to avoid getting bombarded by the same error message.

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I had to scour the net to find all the pieces to make this work. Use this HTTP Handler to dynamically create thumbnails of your PDF documents!

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A really easy way to dynamically create image thumbnails using an HTTP Handler!

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